Measuring Tips for Gauntlets and Gloves

Measuring Tips for Gauntlets and Gloves

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When to take the measurements

The edema must be at its most reduced state. This is often found first thing in the morning or at the end of treatment.

When to measure for a Made to Measure garment

Made-to-measure gloves are recommended for hand portions with finger stubs or closed fingers.

Length measurements

Length measurements will be necessary between some circumference points. It would help if you marked the hand with a non-permanent, non-toxic marker at the necessary circumference points.

hand measuring points

Measurement Points

Circumference point ‘cA’ is found across the metacarpus.

Circumference point ‘cB’ is found at the base of the thumb web and runs parallel to point ‘cA’. Measurement point ‘l A-B’ is the distance between point ‘cA’ and point ‘cB’.

Point ‘cC’ is found distally on the arm where the wrist meets the hand. One should find the smallest circumference at this point. Measurement point ‘l A-C’ is the distance between point ‘cA’ and point ‘cC’.

Circumference point ‘cC1’ is found 6 cm up the arm from point ‘cC’. If a shorter or longer wrist extension is desired, please indicate length ‘l C-C1’. Should this measurement be omitted, a 6 cm extension will be added.

Circumference point ‘cZ’ is taken distally on each finger at the point where the end of the finger stub is desired. While the distal point is flexible on the fingers, it is strongly recommended that one avoids ending a finger stub on a crease/joint of the finger.

Circumference point ‘cX’ is taken proximally on the fingers and the thumb. The crease found at the base of each finger on the palm side of the hand can be easily identified. For the thumb, measure on the distal side of the first thumb bone.

Finger lengths are found by measuring the distance between point ‘cZ’ and point ’cX’ on each finger and the thumb.