Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I find Juzo's marketing information?

Marketing materials are available under the Dealer Tools tab in this app. Also, our online Dealer Resource Center houses all of Juzo’s marketing collateral. You can also find tools to help grow your compression business and order brochures, prescription pads, and retail POP.

How do I find old invoices?

Log onto ShopJuzo to search for and print past invoices. You also can pay invoices on ShopJuzo.

Where do I order products online?

Use, our B2B website, to place orders securely, 24/7.

Can I order Made to Measure garments online?

Yes, on The process of ordering made-to-measure garments is quick and easy.

Where is the current price list?

You can find the Juzo standard and flat knit price list on our Dealer Resource Page.

How do I become a Juzo Certified Fitter?

Your Juzo Territory Manager will conduct a Juzo product and fitting in-service with you. Then, we’ll mail you a Juzo Certified Fitter certificate.

Does Juzo offer educational courses or webinars?

Yes, we make learning about compression and our products easy by offering a variety of webinars and in-person courses through our Juzo Academy program. If you are just getting started with compression or are a veteran, go to the Juzo Academy website to find suitable lessons.

How does the Juzo return process work?

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to the Remakes & Returns tab.
  3. Select Return Request (Ready to Wear only).
  4. Enter your invoice number (or search by Sales Order, Web Order, Customer PO).
  5. Select items to return.

Benefits include:

  • You can tell that Juzo received the request and began processing.
  • Juzo will email approval instructions, which you also can review at

Does Juzo provide in-service sessions?

Yes, your Juzo Territory Manager is available to assist you and your staff virtually, or they can visit you in person, whichever you prefer.

How do I submit for reimbursement through the Juzo Co-Op? 

Review details about the Juzo Co-op Program on our Dealer Resource Center or under “Dealer Programs” within this app. To submit for co-op reimbursement, send your invoice and proof of your compression advertisement placement to

What do the abbreviation style options reference? 

Lower Extremity

  • AB- Foot Segment 
  • AD- Knee Stocking
  • AG- Thigh High
  • AT- Panty Hose
  • BT- Leggings

Upper Extremity 

  • CG- Arm Sleeve 
  • AC- Gauntlet 
  • ACF- Glove 

Prosthetic Shrinker 

  • CF- Below Knee 
  • FG- Above Knee

What size silicone borders are available?

Soft Knee High 

3.5 cm standard, 5 cm upon request 

Soft Thigh High

5 cm standard

Dynamic Knee High

5 cm standard, 3.5 cm upon request

Dynamic Thigh High

5 cm standard 

Soft & Dynamic Arm Sleeve

3.5 cm standard, 5 cm upon request